Jumping as Exercise

by Pogo Bounce House

Keeping kids active and healthy is a goal for almost all parents. Physical fitness is important at every age and if you encourage it at a young age and give children opportunities it should be easier when they get older. Team sports like soccer and softball are great for children, but you can also give them active things to do at home. Anything with wheels like a scooter or bike for riding around the neighborhood is always a big hit. An inflatable bounce house is another fun option for your children and friends.

Jumping is a form of exercise which strengthens bone density and also muscles. Fourteen muscles are activated throughout the body when you jump. A child's heart rate increases with every jump on the bouncing house and this ultimately increases their cardio health. Metabolism is increased and weight loss is promoted by regular jumping. Kids can get health benefits from jumping as they have fun on bounce houses.

Children will develop motor skills, balance and coordination from bouncing in an inflatable. Jumping also stimulates metabolism and reduces blood sugar levels. It enhances emotional well-being and makes you happy! For some extra fun add soft or plastic balls, or even stuffed animals to the bouncy castle.

As with all activities that children are going to be involved in, take a few minutes to talk to the children that will be using the inflatable bounce house. Clear rules should be explained, such as how many children are allowed to jump at one time and that pockets should be emptied and shoes removed. Also remember to properly anchor the bounce house to the ground and to be mindful or weather conditions. A bounce house will give your child healthy fun and maybe new friends in the neighborhood.